Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine 25 hours Module

In-depth course for yin yoga teachers and interested yin yoga practitioners with Marieke Vliegen online via Zoom.


For four days, March 20-21 and March 27-28, 2021, Arboga Yinyoga Academy will organize a workshop with Marieke Vliegen, an internationally experienced yin yoga teacher and yin yoga teacher educator with extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine.


The training will take place at Zoom. The language of instruction is English.

In Yin Yoga, postures are held for longer periods of time to stimulate the energy flow in the body. It’s a practice focused on cultivating stillness and helps us to turn ourselves more inward while stimulating the connective tissues, fascia and joints, in the body. Especially in our daily life, a lot of our activities are yang in nature and have a ‘go for it’ attitude. Engaging in yin activities helps our body and mind to find the necessary balance between doing and observing – being. We need both aspects, yin and yang, in our lives in order to feel healthy.

According to Chinese Medicine, there are energy channels running through the body, meridians. In order to feel healthy and happy, the energy needs to flow smoothly through these meridians. A Yin Yoga practice can help to stimulate this energy flow so that the physical body can feel at ease, inviting the mind and emotional body to follow. In this 25 hour Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine Module we will dive into the world of yin yoga and the holistic view of Chinese Medicine.

This course will introduce you into the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and how to integrate this into your Yin Yoga practice & teachings.

You will learn about:
– Yin Yang Theory
– The history of Chinese Medicine
– The Meridians in the body
– Meridians and the Emotions
Chinese Medicine lifestyle and Diet
– The Five element theory
– The Meridian Clock
– The different treatments in Chinese Medicine
– Meridian Nidra

There will be approximately one hour of yin yoga exercise every day and lectures will be alternated with exercises, group work and breaks, so it will not feel like long days in front of the computer. it’s a small group setting which invites for interaction. Participants will have access to recordings of the theoretical parts for seven days after the end of the workshop, in order to go back and rehearse, for those who so wish.


This module is suitable for students who like to deepen their own practice but also for teachers in a small, personal group setting. Registration is open to all but previous experience in practicing yin is advised.


Saturday 20 March at 9.30-15.30

Sunday 21 March at 9.30-15.30

Saturday 27 March at 9.30-15.30

Sunday 28 March at 9.30-15.30

The times above include lunch and other breaks. In addition, you need to count on one hour of self-study per day. The course is approved to be registered as continuing education under the Yoga Alliance. Course fee: 4850 SEK. Early bird: SEK 4,300 for registration before 20 February!

About the teacher
Marieke Vliegen is based in The Netherlands. She is an experienced international Yinspiration trainer and senior assistant to the founder of The School of Yinspiration Yin Yoga, Jo Phee. Marieke shares Jo Phee’s knowledge that she gained from her teacher and founder of Yin Yoga, Paul Grilley and combines this with Chinese Medicine. Besides teaching public classes, workshop and teacher trainings internationally, Marieke assists her teacher all over the world on a regular basis to keep her knowledge up to date. She is a Yoga Alliance certified E-RYT 200 trainer & YACEP.

This workshop is organized and hosted by:

Arboga Yin Yoga Academy in cooperation with Marieke Vliegen. Arboga Yin Yoga Academy is an education center for yin yoga and yin yoga related topics, founded by Elisabeth Kaufmann in June 2018. Please contact Elisabeth (info@ayya.se) for all questions regarding the workshop.